General QuestFrogmanner
Level 9
Given by Lukhart Frost
Report to Lukart Frost
Location Frogman Lair
(Frogman Lair Camp)
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Gold, Frankincense, and Nir The Sound of Heartbreak
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Needs quest type.



Those blighted Frogmen... kidnapping my little sister! I will find her no matter what. No doubt they have her somewhere in their ghastly lair, but how am I supposed to get close enough to look? They've got Verdara Tribe Sentries and Verdara Tribe Elite Warriors patrolling every nook and cranny of this place.

You helped me once, so perhaps you can help me again. Take out some of the nearby Verdara Tribe Sentries and Verdara Tribe Elite Warriors so I can get through and look for my sister? Please, you're my only hope.


I've already noticed a decrease in those nasty frog beasts! Thank you. Now I can widen my search and look for my sister.

I only hope I'm not too late...


  • 3,150 exp
  • 2 Silver

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