General QuestFrog!
Level 9
Given by Harding
Report to Ize
Location Mnemos Woods
(Mnemos Forest Enterance)
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Into the Woods Polliwog Recruits
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Needs quest type.



Day after day, all I do is stand here and watch these slimy Frogmen... I'm so bored! and soooo sleepy... Their big googly eyes, their slimy toes... everything in my life is turning froggy.

The captain thinks they might attack Mnemos but if you ask me, they couldn't attack a child's sandbox! Just look how sluggish and dopey they are.

What, you don't think so? Well, fight a few and see for yourself! Kill some Frogman Shamans and Frogman Minions - you'll soon see I'm right.

If you really want to help, once you're done, go see Ize further in the forest. His team is keeping an eye on the Frogman Lair. I'm pretty sure he'd agree with me, though...


Harding told you to take out some of the Frogmen around here? I don't blame him. They're a nasty bunch. He assures me that they're nothing but big muttonheads, but after keeping an eye on their lair for a while, I'm starting to think they're more intelligent than they let on...


  • 3,150 exp
  • 2 Silver

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