General QuestFlower Power
Level 19
Given by Maron
Report to Maron
Location Southern Protectorate
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None None
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Needs quest type, subzone.


  • Plant flower seeds x/5


  • Spade obtained from Maron.


  • I'm Maron, and sometimes when I'm away from home for too long, I get homesick. So then I sneak across the camp and find my secret box... and slip... out a few flower seeds... and suddenly!

I am a flower-powered streak in the sky!! Ah, whoops, sorry. Got a little carried away there for a second. But I was telling the truth. how about it? Need some color in your life, too? I'll give you some of my seeds. You'll find some mounds of soft dirt around the camp that are perfect for planting.


You've planted them, then? Perfect. Now we need but wait and we'll have a whole garden full of beautiful, blooming flowers.

What's that look for? You think it's odd that I have a secret box of flower seeds that I keep under my pillow at night? I don't find anything about that strange in the slightest.


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