General QuestFast Mount
Level 8
Given by Chip
Report to Muenster
Location Mnemos Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Captain, My Captain None


  • Talk to Muenster.


"Now then, let me tell you a little more about that piece of paper I just gavce you. As I said, it's a Riding Permit. What's a Riding Permit, you ask? Why, it's just what it sounds like! It lets you zip around on those cool animals you've been seeing everywhere! Ohoho!

Make sure you activate it, otherwise it won't have any effect. Try opening up that nifty sack of yours and giving it a little click.

But that's not all! I'm going to give you one of my precious little llamas, too. Go talk to Muenster, and he'll get you all set up. Make sure you choose your favorite color!"


"So you're the one the mayor was going on and on about, huh? You use that Riding Permit he gave you yet? You have to actually select it from your bag for it to take effect. Unless you somehow lost it between the tavern and here... All right, then. Here's your llama, just like the chief said! Consider it a gift for saving us from those goblin mobsters. It should come in handy for getting around faster.

Pick whichever color you like! Each one is strong and true... with chipper personalities to boot. They have the added bonus of making it harder for enemies to see you. Pretty nifty, am I right?"


  • General Riding Permit (for accepting the quest)
  • 2 silver
  • 500 EXP
  • Llama (one of the following)
    • White Llama
    • Peach Llama
    • Grey Llama
    • Brown Llama

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