Every Step You Take
Vital statistics
Level 20
Location Southern Protectorate
Given by Baer
Returned to Flan
Quest progression
Previous Next
Winning for Dummies Cease That Beast



Well, with that Big Bad Daddy Baork out of the way, peace should return to this forest... and I can go back to my real job - exploring! I know I may not look like it, but I'm a bona fide ex-plo-rer! I'll go ahead and head back to the Boundary Outpost.

Apparently they're still having some problems over by the Forest Hut. Could you go check with Flan there and see if anything needs to be done? Maybe they need some spider juice, too! Who knows. You should recommend it. Why don't you kill some on your way over?


Welcome, traveleer. I am Flan, a member o fthe militia here in the Southern Protectorate. Who might you be? Playername? Huh. Strange name. You're a Soulkeeper? What brings you to the middle of the woods?

(You explain what happened at the Boundary Outpost in detail. Flan hangs on every word.)

So the outpost is safe, then? Wonderful news. I'd heard some disturbing reports. Unfortunately, things are not fairing well here. The outpost had bears and raptors, we've got spiders and Beriac tribesmen.

But I shouldn't be laying all of this on you right away... Relax awhile, and I'll fill you in later.


  • 7,000 exp
  • 4 Silver

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