EssCour Essence of Courage

Vital statistics
Type General Item
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Use Level {{{uselevel}}}
Item Level 60
Cooldown {{{cooldown}}}

This is a high-level ingredient, needed for all crafting recipes after level 70 (as well as Episode 1 recipes after lv. 60).

The only profession that does not need this ingredient is Resource Collector, as they don't need to craft any items.

Acquisition Edit

You can obtain Essence of Courage by gathering it as a raw material in Valhalla or from fellow players via the Marketplace.

You can also get this ingredient from several different Daily Quests. Here is a list of all Quests that give you Essence of Courage (EC),and where to read more about them:

This means that if a player does all Daily Quests available, they will get a maximum of 96 EC per day.

For more information on how these can be used, which items you can craft with Essences of Courage, please check the specific profession pages.

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