General QuestEarning That Gold
Level 8
Given by Strass
Report to Strass
Location Mnemos Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
The Head of the Snake None



"Hey there, you. How much do you know about professions? From chef to jeweler, you can be anything you want with enough determination. Of course, some do require very complex skills to get started. The first thing you should know is that you can learn one profession and two hobbies. Hobbies are like professions... only you enjoy them a lot more! Ahaha, I kid, I kid. Anyway, learning either of them can really be useful down the line!

You can learn more about each type of profession or hobby from specialists! Like myself. I try to hide it, 'cuz, you know... I'm modest, but I'm actually a chef! I can teach you everything you've never needed to know about cooking.

But cooking's not the only skill you can learn. Why don't you head on into market and talk to Griselda about being a Soul Expert? Should be more exciting than a box of rocks."


"So, you're all learned up on being a Soul Expert now, are ya?

But guess what? That's not all! Now I've gotta learn you on becoming a Chef. Cooking is a wonderful hobby that lets you create delectable dishes. Whatever you cook, you also get to eat! And when you eat, it increases your Energy - even when it isn't full of sugar and caffeine. Some foods can even give your abilities a boost.

You can get basic ingredients from other chefs like me, but the BEST ingredients can only be found by getting out there and slaughtering a few beasts. There's nothing quite like fresh meat.

As you gain more experience, don't forget to increase your professional level! You can do that through Chefs like myself in any town."


  • 500 exp
  • 2 silver
  • Freshly Roasted Meat
  • Boots Lv. 8

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