Drink from the Heart
Vital statistics
Level 9
Location Mnemos Woods
Given by Anya
Returned to Harding
Quest progression
Previous Next
None None


Required ObjectsEdit

  • Supplement, give by Anya



Oh! Hello! Are you on your way into the forest? Perhaps I could ask you to do something for me... My husband, Harding, is part of the local militia. The poor dear works long hours and is always exhausted when he gets home late at night. I was thinking of going out to give him this Supplement Drink to help him with his aching feet and back, but as soon as I stepped into the forest, I realized I would never be able to make it past all the beasts blocking the path. I don't want to simply abandon my husband, but I don't think he'd fancy coming home to find me lying dead somewhere in the forest either. If you're heading into the forest anyway, do you think you could give him this Supplement for me?



What? A Supplement Drink from my wife? Oh, what a darling. I'm glad she didn't try coming all the way out here herself. Thanks for bringing it.


Oh... she wants me to come home earlier? Of course, I'd love to, but... the captain wants me to work overtime again today. I can't just leave! Especially with this Frogman situation. I'll admit, my eyesight's beginning to go... haven't slept in days. You know what it feels like, right? Everything's so blurry...


  • 1,125 exp
  • 1 Silver

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