General QuestCurious Foliage
Level 10
Given by Minerra
Report to Luke
Location Silventear Woods
(Dewdrop Trail)
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None None



Good day, traveler! You wouldn't happen to know about an especially rare plant that only grows here in Silventear Woods, would you? It's known as Warweed.

The sap from this plant is incredibly potent - beasts won't come anywhere near it! A simple smearing on houses, walls, and fences would protect those inside from all manner of attack.

I've heard they're building a new iron fence down in Brimsharn Village following the [[Motroll] attack, so I'm sure something like this would come in handy. If you're headed down there, why don't you find some of that sap and take it to Luke?


Oh! This is exactly what I've been looking for! That super stink plant sap!


Ah, so Minerra told you about it, did she? What a girl. Anyway, thanks. This'll really be an asset in Brimsharn's defenses, and Odin only knows, we need as many assets as we can get.


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