Main QuestCraft Time!
Level 6
Given by Gunt
Report to Levina
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Gund, on the Hill, with the Revolver Invasion Rationalization


  • Glue the paper scraps
  • Deliver document to Levina


"How can you expect me to deliver something like this? Couldn't you at least have tried to find WHOLE documents? I mean, really!

I suppose I'll just have to right this situation myself. Take this rudimentary glue I made using plant saps and spider glands and try to make them somewhat presentable. Then YOU take them to Levina. That way if they're still not good enough, at least it won't be me that gets an ear lashing.

Why can't I glue them myself? I simply don't feel like it! It's not at all because my hands are still shaking from nerves... not at all."


"So you've found something! Perfect. They're a little... messy... but I should be able to decipher at least some of the text. I can only hope they'll provide us with some sort of clue.

I will get to work sorting through these papers. Come see me again shortly."


  • 1463 exp
  • 2 silver
  • 2 x Practice Healing Potion

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