General QuestCo-op Purification
Level 7
Given by Levina
Report to Auto-complete
Location Breya Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Purify My Soul None


  • Perform Co-op Purification x 1


"There is one more method of soul purification I'd like to discuss with you. You have just purified souls using your own strength of will, but it is also possible to call on the aid of a partner. This 'Co-Op Purification' is much more efficient than solo purification.

Perhaps you can find another Soulkeeper nearby to give it a try. Your partner does not need to be in the same party as you, but they must agree to the purification process."


"(This seems like a handy method for purifying souls more quickly. Try performing Co-Op Purification with many of your fellow Soulkeepers!)"


  • 568 exp
  • 1 silver

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