General Info Edit

  • Minimum Level Normal: 67
  • Minimum Level Hero: 69 
  • Item drops per Boss: 1 Class Gear Box with 2 items.
  • Dropped Gear Level Normal: 146
  • Dropped Gear Level Hero: 152

Quests Edit

  1. Lv67 [Dungeon] A Curious Place  
  2. Lv67 [Dungeon] Locate the Clones - from item 'Clone Research Part 1' dropped by Mimir Researcher.
  3. Lv67 [Dungeon] End of the Clone Researcher - Quest Pop-up upon entering room.
  4. Lv67 [Dungeon] Garrix's Clone Research - from item 'Clone Research Part 2' dropped by Mimir Advanced Culture Researcher.
  5. Lv67 [Dungeon] Morghos' Orders - from item 'Morghos's Order' dropped by Garrix.
Clone Lab Quests
Clone Lab Map

Bosses Edit

Bilal Edit

Bilal Clone Lab


  • Egg Spit: Spawns 2 eggs at player location.
  • Regurgitating Vomit: Focuses on player. If this hits the eggs, they will hatch adds.
  • Energy Absorbtion: DoT. Get away from the boss to get rid of it.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Body Explosion: AoE. I don't think this damage can be avoided.


Garrix Edit

Garrix Clone Lab-0
  • Chilling Chain:
  • Shellshock: AoE patch that spawns on player and causes damage after it expires.
  • Strong Attack: Garrix grows stronger. Player needs to go into the Stamina buff patch under the cube to get a protective shield in order to avoid the AoE damage. 
  • Consecutive Attack: Garrix continuously spawns AoE patches under the player. Player needs to go into the Acceleration buff patch under the cube to get a speed buff so they can run from these patches. 

Heroic Abilities:

  • Electric Shock: Randomly placed domes. Reduced Movement speed when inside them.



  • Clone Culler
  • Clone Culler (Hero)
  • The Resurrectionist - Server first
    • Title: Clone Culler
  • The Resurrectionist (Hero) - Server first
    • Title: Clone Culler (Hero)

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