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Player vs Player in EoS consists of 3 different systems:

Quests Edit

For Episode 2, the quest line that unlocks the PvP dailies, involves a series of quests that need to be completed to activate the following ones:

  1. EOS' Mightiest: Auto take when you reach level 70
  2. The Bare Necessities: Take from NPC Nathalie in Bernicia
  3. Daily Battlefield Quest - [Daily] One is the Loneliest Number: Take from NPC Nathalie in Bernicia
  4. Few Against Many: Take from NPC Nathalie in Bernicia
  5. Soulkeeper Arena: Take from NPC Hans in Bernicia
  6. Daily Free Arena Quest - [Daily] Soulkeeper Muscle: Take from NPC Hans in Bernicia
  7. In Solidarity: Take from NPC Hans in Bernicia

For the specific quests for each system (Arena, Battlefield, etc...) and their rewards check their respective pages.

PVP NPCs in Bernicia

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