What is the aim of Party Dungeons?

Dungeons are instanced areas where 5 players can fight and defeat stronger monsters and bosses, and gain valuable items.

Records and score are tracked and displayed in the Dungeon Record.

Players can enter these dungeons using the Smart Matching tool (key H), or by directly using the portals.

Gear drops

Only PvE gear and accessories can be obtain in dungeons.


You'll receive a bonus buff when using Smart Matching (key H). 

ATK, HP, Healing Potion Regen +10%, Gold Gain +15% or 35% for Defenders

Loot rules

Loot rules are decided by the leader of a party, and rule how the loot from monsters and bosses in a dungeon is divided amongst the party/raid members.

You can check or un-check the class priority line (see image on the right) if you want players to be able to get loot for their classes alone.

Loot Rules Dungeons

There are 3 types of Looting Rules:

  • Sequential: Only 1 person per monster gets the chance to loot. It rotates between each member of a party in turn.
  • Free Looting: Everyone can loot at the same time.
  • Allocation: Leader decides who gets the loot.

Then you can choose the Allocation Method:

  • Dice: Each person interested in an item dices for that item. The player with the

highest number wins.

  • Auction: Players have to bid the amount of gold they are willing to pay for the item and the highest value wins. Gold that is payed for the item goes to the other players that bid on the item.
  • Basic Looting: First who grabs the loot gets the loot.
  • Allocator's choice: Leader decides who gets each piece of the loot. Warning: This option does not work when Smart-matching a dungeon!

And finally you can choose the Item Grade that these rules apply to:

  • Above Advanced
  • Above Rare
  • Above Legendary
  • Above Mythic

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