Infinite Hunting Grounds are areas that are intended for players to level characters and buy better gear without having to run around multiple maps completing quests.

Each infinite hunting ground will have enemies appropriate for specific level characters and a repeatable quest that will reward experience and a number of Courage Badges.

Each area is a small secluded map part, only one entry portal and only one camp. There is a Courage Badge Merchant at those camps that will trade the courage badges for level appropriate PvE gear.

In addition to those, there will also be a Warp Point, General Merchant, Weapons Merchant, Armor Merchant, one of each profession master and a Mailbox.


The repeatable quests are always to collect 9 x quest items that will drop from the monsters in this area. Players can farm the area for the item, then repeatedly accept and hand in the quest (as long as they stay within level range during the process).

Quest info: Players can take the repeatable quest directly at the NPC once they reach the minimum level. The maximum level at the old continents is level 59 for all areas, while the range is much smaller on the three new continents.

Additionally, once the player has reached the recommended level threshold for the next area, he can receive a follow-up lead quest that will take him from one hunting ground to the next by teleportation ("Next up, ...!" quests) - the player can skip all other methods of leveling and acquire the appropriate gear that way if they want. 


After Level 70Edit

When you reach level 70, there are special Hunting Grounds that give you access to several different daily quests (no more courage badges).

These Hunting Grounds are important for High-Level players to get:

  1. Items to improve their gear
  2. Recovery items (potions, scrolls...)
  3. Ingredients and formulas for their professions/hobbies.


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