Dungeons are instanced areas where players can fight and defeat stronger monsters and bosses, and gain valuable items. Records and score are tracked and displayed in the Dungeon Record. Players can enter these dungeons using the Smart Matching tool (for the current Episode's dungeons), or by directly using the portals.

Dungeon TypesEdit

There are five different types of dungeons in Echo of Soul:

Solo DungeonsEdit

Embrace Your Inner Strength

Echo of Soul offers thrilling dungeon experiences even when your friends are unavailable! Venture into a Solo Dungeon like the sinister Necromancer's Den or the haunting Vagrant's Copse for a unique challenge. Solo bosses only drop loot for your class, so they are a fantastic way to gear up!

In addition to the variety of monsters and bosses inhabiting these dens of evil, Solo Dungeons also test your resolve with environmental traps such as damaging pools and poison gas. And, for the competitor in you, the leaderboards keep track of the players with the fastest clear times!

Party DungeonsEdit

Together, Overcome Any Foe!

Nothing is more satisfying than watching a beaten enemy fall to the ground after a hard-fought battle with your companions. But there's no time to rest - there's always an even stronger boss lurking around the corner. Gather a group of five Soulkeepers and experience the excitement and tension of enemy strongholds like the Lost Crypt and the Promethean Giant's Hideout!

Teamwork is extremely important in parties.

Echo of Soul's combat is designed to remove the need for a dedicated healer - so the entire group must work together using their defensive, supportive, and healing skills to keep each other alive. Even tried-and-true strategies have a new twist to them when you add cooperative survival to the equation.

Raid DungeonsEdit

For the ultimate challenge, Raid dungeons are here to test your coordination and resolve. Gather up to 20 players to do battle against the greatest threats the world has ever seen!

Infinite DungeonsEdit

Take On Endless Challenges

You will find all manner of enemies in the Infinite Dungeons. These dangerous domains are popular spots for Soulkeepers to hone their skills, obtain useful materials, and revisit former foes.

Each time you enter an Infinite Dungeon, the terrain and monsters are randomly generated. Select from one of seven difficulty levels to adjust the challenge (and the rewards) to your liking.

These battles culminate in a final encounter against bosses that you may have vanquished before; this time, however, they will be stronger and out for revenge!

Doomspire KeepEdit

This dungeon offers 50 different levels of ever increasing difficulty. Be prepared to face off against two known bosses at the same time! As the challenges get harder and harder, you can measure your success against other guilds and player groups: Will you progress farther than everybody else?

Exclusive loot awaits those who can beat the latest levels!

Dungeon ListEdit

Level EN Name FR Name DE Name
SOLO Dungeons


Hidden Cavern

Grotte cachée



Vagrant's Copse

Forêt sans retour



Necromancer's Den

Repaire des nécromanciens



Bastion of Cork

Bastion de Cork

Stützpunkt Colque


Drakus' Laboratory

Laboratoire de Draken

Dragis Labor


Aedis Infernum

Temple de Hel

Hels Tempel


Clone Lab



PARTY Dungeons


Promethean Giant's Hideout

Repaire de Prométhée

Magmagantus' Versteck


Lost Crypt

Crypte perdue

Verborgenes Grab


The Rack

Les cahots



Woods of Despair

Forêt hurlante noire



The Sanctuary

Le pinacle



The Blazing Peak

Mont fumerolle

Heiliger Feuerberg


Crimson Fortress

Forteresse rougeoyante



Destroyed Cardilla

Kardila détruite

Zerstörtes Kardilla


Fellglow Spire

Donjon des oppresseurs

Dwituns Turm


Asha's Tomb

Tertre d'Asha

Ashas Krypta


Shadowflame Mine

Mines oubliées



Temple of Cernunnos

Temple de Cernunnos



Woods of Chaos

Forêt désastre



Spring of Lethe

Fontaine perdue


RAID Dungeons


Dryad Forest

Forêt des tréants







Aphostion's Parapet

Bastion sombre

Festung der Finsternis


Frostcore Ruins

Ruines est d'Altéa

Östliche Altanaruinen


Ironfire Mountain

Montagne Feudacier



Aphostion's Nightmare

Bastion sombre onirique

[Soma] Dunkle Festung



Soulkeeper's Challenge Solo

(Stage 1 - 6)

Défi du Gardien des Âmes Solo

(Palier 1 - 6)

Arkana-Prüfung Solo

(Stufe 1 - 6)


Soulkeeper's Challenge Party

(Stage 1 - 6)

Défi du Gardien des Âmes Groupe

(Palier 1 - 6)

Arkana-Prüfung Gruppe

(Stufe 1 - 6)



Doomspire Keep

Beffroi de l'angoisse


Dungeon Levels + Required Item Levels Edit

Normal / Hero / Legend


A higher difficulty level adds to the amount of health bosses and monsters in the dungeon have - the bosses will also have additional skills on higher difficulty levels, so players will have to add more strategies to counter the boss skills, and fight harder to kill them. Higher difficulty dungeons will always require a higher level of gear for entrance.

Dungeon entries are restricted to specific levels and (PvE) gear scores.

The Gear Score is the combined sum of the item levels of the currently worn equipment on a player (jewelry does NOT count towards the gear score).


The red number is the total gear score of a player, the blue number the sum of the equipped PvE equipment's item levels, the yellow number the sum of the equipped PvP equipment's item levels. Dungeon portals will only count the blue number - the PvE gear score!

As explained, only 8 pieces of gear contribute to the gear score: weapon, helmet, linen, tunic, gauntlets, belt, shorts, boots.

Dividing any gear score by 8 should therefore give you an estimate on what item level people need for the entry.

Example: Fellglow Spire [Normal] has a gear score requirement of 1280+. Divided by 8, this means players the 8 pieces to be item level 160. The Hero version requires the 8 pieces to be item level 163 in comparison. 

As a result, higher level difficulties will also drop higher level gear as bounty in comparison to the lower levels.

Dungeon Quests Edit

There are guiding quests for dungeons around the entrance of each dungeon or the level of the character.

When reaching level 70 and Bernicia for the first time, a quest will automatically pop up to lead the player to the quests for level 70 dungeons:

  • Evil Never Sleeps: Complete by speaking to NPC Jonathan in Bernicia - Gives 3 gold.
  • (Infinite Dungeon Solo) Soulkeeper's Preparation: Talk to NPC Jonathan in Bernicia when you reach level 70 (if you don't have iLevel 1328) - Gives 1 Soulkeeper's Battle-Ready Box, which gives you a full lv 166 gear set.
  • Out of this World: Complete by speaking to NPC Sevan in Southeast Hintervale - Gives 1 Soulkeeper Gear Box - Lv 169, which gives 3 pieces of lv. 169 gear (weapon, belt and gloves), 50 Desirable Healing Potions and 25 Desirable Bandages.
  • (Infinite Dungeon Solo) Training Day: Talk to NPC Jonathan in Bernicia when you reach iLevel 1328 - Gives 3 gold.
  • (Party Dungeons Normal) Here's the Scoop: Talk to NPC Starke in Bernicia after you complete the previous quest - Gives 3 gold.
  • (Party Dungeons Hero) - Never-Ending Problem: Talk to NPC Starke in Bernicia after you complete all quests for lv. 70 party dungeons - Gives 3 gold.

Achievements Edit

  • Give Yourself a Hand (Nicaea) - Cleared all Nicaea Solo Dungeons.
    • Title: Dungeon Demolisher
  • Give Yourself a Hand (Kharath) - Cleared all Kharath Solo Dungeons.
  • Kharath Conqueror - Cleared Fellglow Spire, Asha's Tomb and Shadowflame Mine.
    • Reward: 120 Gold
  • Kharath Overlord - Cleared Fellglow Spire, Asha's Tomb and Shadowflame Mine in Hero Mode.
    • Reward: 180 Gold
  • Conqueror's Triptych - Cleared Temple of Cernunnos, Woods of Chaos and Spring of Lethe.
    • Reward: 120 Gold
  • Conqueror's Triptych (Hero) - Cleared Temple of Cernunnos, Woods of Chaos and Spring of Lethe in Hero Mode.
    • Reward: 180 Gold 


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