Repeatable QuestCatacombs Party
Level 64
Given by Rhodes
Report to Rhodes
Location Catacombs
Quest Progression
Previous Next
The Thrill of the Hunt Next up: the Wrathful Forest!


  • Collect Catacomb's Treasure x 9


"Oh, hello there... Might I have your ear for a moment? Those scoundrels over there have been looting treasure. Oh, it's sad but so very true... It's just not right... Someone should relieve them of their ill-gotten gains. I'd do it myself, but...

Oh, nevermind... You look like you could handle that pack of tunnel rats! Why don't you go and deal with them? Return the treasure from the catacombs, and I'll reward you for your efforts. Oh, indeed I will..."


"Now that's what I'm talking about! This should be plenty of treasure. I guess I owe you a pretty big reward!

I don't think this is all of it yet, though. Those goblins still have their paws on some of the treasure. Go bring back the rest of it."


  • 51,150 exp
  • 10 Courage Badge

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