General QuestBrimsharn in Harm
Level 9
Given by Soyle
Report to Whittle
Location Unknown
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None Much To-Do About Brimsharn
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You making your way through the forest, stranger? If I were you, I'd turn back now. Brimsharn Village was attacked by Motrolls. What's a Motroll? You serious? They're big, giant, ugly things with fists the size of boulders. You don't wanna mess with them!

Anyway, they ransacked the village as if they were looking for something, then simply left. Us in town had no choice but to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild. Unfortunately, we're in de3sperate need of more building materials, which is why I'm here in the forest.

If you're really intent on heading into Brimsharn, maybe you could take some lumber with you?

You'll find broken, wooden boxes scattered about the woods here. Bust 'em up and take any lumber you collect to Whittle in Brimsharn. She and everyone else in town would be positively indebted.


Your sis a face I don't recognize. What brings you to our village? I can't offer you much, unfortunately. We're recovering from a recent attack by Motrolls.

Ah, so Soyle sent you here, did she? And she asked you to bring lumber? I cannot thank you enough. We're severely limited on resources and materials right now. I worry that we will not be able to rebuild our defenses before another attack.


  • 3,150 exp
  • 2 Silver
  • Level 6 unappraised Headgear (Item Level 9)
Class Stats
Rogue CRIT ACC 7


Max HP 21

Piercing 3(3)


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