Main QuestBreak through the surrounding net
Level 2
Given by Kalatu
Report to Amaro
Location Frontier Outpost
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Advance! Shoot 'em Down



You're lucky.

You'll only have to face the weakest of the Karquul monsters here, like Teklan Assault Fighters and Teklan Assault Shock Troopers. It's much safer than the other areas. Well, it's a good opportunity to see what you can do, given that it's your first real combat.

We've managed to weaken their siege line, but getting through the rest is up to you.

On the way to the Osiric Gap, you'll meet Amaro. He'll show you the way.


I'm Amaro, and I'm a member of the Cardilla Garrison.

I was chasing down some Teklan Assault Fighters and Teklan Assault Shock Troopers, and I lost my way.

What? You're on a mission to protect the elder? You may have to pass through the Osiric Gap. As far as I know, the elder's to the north...


  • 565 exp
  • 1 silver
  • Practice Waistcoat

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