Beriac Forest

Beriac Forest is a section of the area Largess Thicket, in the region of Heliana.



  • Rion(sw of Venhidel Camp)
  • Townsperson Schiller(Caitiff's Burrow)
  • Fuller(Venhidel Camp)
  • Lupino(Venhidel Camp)(Warp Assistant)
  • Heligos(Venhidel Camp)(Cook)
  • Joe(Venhidel Camp)(Weapons Merchant)
  • Mylar(Venhidel Camp)
  • Brando(Venhidel Camp)(Return Guide)
  • Pia(Venhidel Camp)(General Merchant)
  • Suvalo(Venhidel Camp)(Resource Collector)
  • Leevis(Venhidel Camp)(Jeweler)
  • Dedrick(Venhidel Camp)(Armor Merchant)
  • Menard(Venhidel Camp)
  • Terso(Venhidel Camp)(Lottery Salesperson)
  • Frealga(Venhidel Camp)(Soul Expert)
  • Coral(Venhidel Camp)(Alchemist)
  • Lux(Venhidel Camp)(Ingredient Merchant)
  • Portia(Venhidel Camp)

Enemies Edit

All enemies (unless labeled explicitly) can spawn between level 21-23.

Area Bosses(Caitiff's Burrow)Edit

Beriac(Caitiff's Burrow)Edit

Baork(Kidnapper's Camp)Edit

Harpy(harpie's Lair)Edit

Raptor(Venhidel Camp)Edit

Resource NodesEdit


  • Pyrewing Huayra will not always be there. It only spawns at certain times.

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