General QuestBay o' Wolf
Level 16
Given by Cliff
Report to Zex
Location Unknown
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Simmer Down Now Little April Shower
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Think you could do me a favor, friend? My partner, Zex, is further up in the forest a ways. I need to let him know about the strange weather we're experiencing out here.

Normally I'd just, you know, scream at him. Usually does the trick. Unfortunately, a whole bunch of noisy-as-all-get-out wolves have suddenly appeared in the forest, and every time I try to contact Zex, one of them suddenly howls and cuts me off. Weird, huh? You don't suppose you could take out a few of those on your way through the forest, do you? I get really worried about Zex when I can't hear him...


The forest sure went and got itself in a great bit hush all of a sudden. Oh, that was you? You got rid of some of those wolves? Well, I'll be! You're delightful AND dependable.

Oh, that silly Cliff. He told you it was the elementals making the forest so humid?

Cliff doesn't have as much experience as I do when it comes to moist things. Sure, the elementals might be part of the problem, but something VASTLY sinister is at work here.


  • 5,600 exp
  • 4 Silver

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