Main QuestBarrels o'Fun
Level 7
Given by Gant
Report to Gant
Location Occupied Mnemos
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Poked, Poked in Your Nose Chip off the Old Block


  • Check under the barrels x 2


"If Levina sent you, then you must have some fighting spirit in you, right? We need your help more than anything.

The goblins attacked out of nowhere. People were in the middle of lunches, outings, chores... no one knew what to do! Many of our residents are still hiding and waiting for a chance to escape.

If I had to guess, I'd say they're hiding under those big, empty Baccha barrels we've got around town, but if we don't get them out soon, those things'll light up faster than a firecracker on Founder's Day! See if you can't get them safely out of the fray?"


"You did it! I watched a whole bunch of 'em come running back here myself! Glad we could at least get everyone out of town before the whole thing comes crumbling down. You have my thanks, friend."


  • 2502 exp
  • 4 silver

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