General Info

  • Recommended Level Normal: 70
  • Minimum PvE item Level: 1280
  • Recommended Level Hero: 1304
  • Item drops per Boss: 1  | Last boss: 2
  • Dropped Gear Level Normal: 163
  • Dropped Gear Level Hero: 166  


  1. Lv70. [Dungeon] Guardian of the TombReceive from NPC Orlando outside the dungeon - Gives 15 gold.
  2. Lv70. [Dungeon] Tomb Guardian - pop up on entry - Gives 2 gold and 500 silver.
  3. Lv70. [Dungeon] Grave Golem - pop up when entering the second room - Gives 5 gold.
  4. Lv70. [Dungeon] Restless Soul - pop up in room after the first boss - Gives 7 gold.


There are 3 bosses in Asha's Tomb

Guardian Kiff

Guardian Kiff


  • Water Bind: Can be dispelled by touching Fire Patches
  • Slow: Mov SPD -50%
  • Heat: Can be dispelled by touching Water Patches
  • Summons Fire Fragment: Weakened in Water Patches
  • Summons Water Fragment: Weakened in Fire Patches
  • Fire Patches are left behind when a Fire Fragment is killed
  • Water Patches are left behind when a Water Fragment is killed
  • Defensive Stance: 20 sec channeled cast after summoning an add. If there are fragments up, boss gets 200% damage reduction.
Trap Asha's Tomb

Heroic Abilities:

  • Spawns adds faster/more adds.


In the room after the first boss there is a hallway that triggers traps.

They can be disabled at the end of that hallway by activating this doodad.



Bhadin Asha's Tomb

Bhadin breaks out of a Coffin upon entering the room.


  • Black Thorn: Movement Speed -20%. Can be dodged after target is chosen.
  • Ring of Suffering: Activates Tiles that will do aoe damage after a certain amount of time. Players have to move away to a safe zone. Amount of activated tiles grows and safe zone decreased with each cast.
  • Painful Bind: 30 second channeled cast. Maniacal Manacle. Immobilized. Can be removed by blocking Bhadin's skill casting. 
  • Summon Tormented Believer.
  • Heal: Can 'recover' (heal) summoned add.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Phantom Pain



Asha Asha's Tomb


  • Bloody Wind: Cone attack
  • Death Wish: DoT placed on player when he enters the AoE Aura. Stacks.
  • Decimation Chain on targeted player. Player will deal damage to their surroundings after debuff runs out.
  • Frenzy: Asha's Magic goes berserk, players need to manipulate the 4 pillars (within 15 seconds) to stop this attack.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Hell Freeze: Each stack causes Move SPD -30%.


  • Asha to Ashes
  • Asha to Ashes (Hero)
  • A for Asha - Server first
    • Title: Asha to Ashes
  • A for Asha (Hero) - Server First
    • Title: Asha to Ashes (Hero)

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