Armor is equipment that gives a character defense against direct damage, and provide buffs to attributes. Some armor will give an added bonus if you currently have a certain amount of that set equiped.

Each class has it's own type of armor that it can wear. Classes can only wear their specific armor.



There are seven types of armor a player can equip. Only one of each type can be equipped at the same time.


Some pieces of armor are bound on acquisition (cannot be traded/sold to other players) while others are bound upon appraising the piece of armor.

All armor is bound once equipped.

Enhancement SlotEdit

Each piece of armor (excluding linen) can be enhanced once by inlaying a Jewel, but each armor type can only be inlaid with a specific jewel.

Armor Type Jewel Type
Headgear Onyx
Linen None
Chest Topaz
Gloves Sapphire
Belt Peridot
Legs Emerald
Boots Amethyst

Durability Edit

When a player is defeated, their armor durability is lowered by one. Once the armor is broken completely it will not give the player a benefit.

To get durability for armor back to max, just speak with a merchant and select one of the options in the lower left hand corner of their dialogue box. You can repair a select item, only currently equipped items, or all owned items.

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