AppLens Appraiser's Lens

Vital statistics
Type Consumable
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Use Level 1
Item Level 1
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Appraiser's Lens allows players to reroll the random stats on an item (except the Runic Tablet or PvE gear above iLevel 160) and have the choice to keep the previous value or to change it.



You can obtain the Appraiser's Pouch via the itemmall, webmall and all Magic Lamps.

Appraiser's Lens vs Appraiser's PouchEdit

Players can use both these items to remove an item's appraisal and allow it to be reappraised. 

  • Appraiser's Lens - Rerolls random stats on an item.
  • Appraiser's Pouch - Removes an item's appraisal.


You cannot use Appraiser's Lens on Runic Tablets, or on PvE armor above and including iLv 160 (accessories are not included), due to the change with the gear optimization of episode 2. For more info on how to improve your gear after this level, check our page about Gear Optimization.

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