General QuestA Very Special Present
Level 20
Given by Maron
Report to Maron
Location Southern Protectorate
(Boundary Outpost)
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None Super Special Awesome! Talk to Sinnek
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Need other class/path rewards, quest type


  • Talk to Maron


Ah, it's our exalted hero! Thank you again for all your help. As a token of my gratitude, I would like to supply you with some useful information. How much do you know about runes, my friend?

Perhaps you've collected a few while battling vicious cretins outside of town.

There are four different flavors of rune: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Only certain kinds of runes can be equipped on each type of armor and weaponry. Each of these rune elements can imbue a different type of power into your equipment.

I shall go more into detail about that later, though. First things first, I'll give you this.


I Hope you enjoyed your present!

Would you like a more detailed explanation about runes?


  • 5,500 exp
  • 1 Silver
  • 1 Lv 3 Rune
  • Level 15 Weapon(Item Level 22)
Path Stats Skin
Firemage ATK 9


Piercing 6(6)

Firemage's Adventurer Staff
Frostmage ATK 9

CRIT ACC 12(5)

Icemage's Mercenary Staff

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