Main QuestA Stronger Brablin
Level 5
Given by Sperat
Report to Ponastis
Location Pluto Outpost
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Vanished Defense Operation: Annihilate



I know why the Teklan Assault Swordsmen, Teklan Assault Lancers and Teklan Assault Snipers at the Cleft of Souls are so Strong.

It's all because of the Energy Amplifier. It's a device that was dreamt up by the Karquul and which strengthens their power manyfold. I'm going to assign you a special mission. Steal the device from the enemy en route to the Cleft of Souls and deliver it over to the platoon leader you will find guarding the Bleachskull Canyon.

Platoon leader Ponastis should be able to take a good look at the device and discover how to deactivate it.


I had been wondering why they had suddenly become so much stronger. Right then, I'm going to start finding out more about the Energy Amplifier.

Oh, and I've been hearing a lot about you. The stories about you were not wrong, were they... I had no idea you were going to be part of this high priority mission though.


  • 1630 exp
  • 2 silver

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