General QuestA Soggy Issue
Level 16
Given by Cliff
Report to Zex
Location Unknown
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Motroll in Your Eyes Simmer Down Now
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I've got a hunch, and when I've got a hunch, it's usually right. I think those Water Elementals are behind all the weird weather we've been having around here... including this disgusting humidity!

There's only one way to find out for sure, though... and that's to take out those elementals! Think you could do that for me? Trust me - you'll like it better around here too with the humidity gone.


All this stickiness sure doesn't seem to be hampering your fighting style. If anything, you're looking spry as ever! And dashing, to boot, if I do say so myself. Are all you Soulkeepers this tenacious? Because I'd sure love some of that tenacity in my OWN life.

Hm? You wanna know about the Motrolls? You came to the right adventurer, honey! I've indeed seen those heathens of whom you speak. They came through here a little while ago and headed up north. Had another Soulkeeper on their trail, too. She said someone with your description might be passing through, and here you are! Talk about coincidences, am I right?


  • 5,600 exp
  • 4 Silver
  • Lv. 11 Linen (Item level 18)
Path Stats
Firemage DEF 7(4)


Max HP 21

Frostmage DEF 3

EVA 6(6)


Max HP 23

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