General QuestA Skill with Soul
Level 8
Given by Garmel
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Location Mnemos Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Is it Safe? None



"You, there! You're the one who saved our town, aren't you? You must be quite powerful... but how would you like to be even MORE powerful? I can teach you about a special series of abilities known as Soul Skills.

The more Chaos Souls you purify, the more of each type of soul you'll collect within your Soul Satchel. Use these purified souls to activate one of four different Soul Skills that trigger powerful abilities. The more you use your Soul Skills, the more powerful they'll become.

I know this all sounds a bit complicated... it was to me as well when I first learned of it many, many years ago, but why don't we try taking it step by step, hm? Try activating a Soul Skill from your Soul Satchel."


"(Wow! Your very first Soul Skill.

Gain a bit more experience with those, and you'll be the biggest, baddest Soulkeeper around, or my name's not the EOS Narrator! Get used to using them now!)"


  • 1000 exp
  • 2 silver

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