Main QuestA Salty Rumor
Level 8
Given by Duett
Report to Gant
Location Mnemos Town
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Is it Safe? Into the Woods



"Thanks to you, we were able to drive the goblins out of town, but so long as Mnemos is still fighting to recover, other beasties are sure to try and take advantage of us... like those Frogmen!

We've always had a bit of a... hmm, ISSUE with the Frogmen. They creep into town and steal things, startle a few lasses with their ghastly croaking, the like, but they've never actually attacked us. YET. I'm afraid if they catch wind of Mnemos' weakened state, this could quickly change.

I believe we need to do something now to avoid a froggy disaster. Go and speak with Gant. He knows a lot about the Frogmen and could provide some useful information."


"Hey there, (xx player's name xx). What's hangin'?


So, Duett thinks the Frogmen might attack, does he? I had a few creeping suspicions myself, so I sent some of my guys into the forest earlier just to scope things out. We could always use an extra hand or two, though. It's true that a Frogman attack could be absolutely disastrous for us right now. Care to join the scouts?"


  • 650 exp
  • 2 silver

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