Main QuestA Major Mission
Level 1
Given by Katiros
Report to Papolos
Location Frontier Outpost
Quest Progression
Previous Next
None Advance!



You're the one who graduated with the highest scores in the program's history?

How unfortunate the Karquul invaded right at the time of your graduation... Well, nothing like a trial by fire! Anyway, welcome to the Outer Defense Post!

Our mission is to watch over Central Cardilla, including Pluto, where the elder resides and our core facilities are located.

You should go see Papolos. He'll brief you on the situation.


So... you must be the new Warlock?

I'll get straight to the point.

The Karquul have been carrying out coordinated attacks on Cardilla. We're in a bad spot.

The Pluto Tribe and the Karquul have been fighting for so long that nobody even remembers how it started. During all that time, the Karquul have forced all the other tribes in Belgos into submission. Except for us... We were spared thanks to the strength of Warlocks like you and me. But now their tide may be turning...


  • 122 exp
  • 1 silver
  • Practice Claw

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