General QuestA Caecilian Secret
Level 9
Given by Ize
Report to Ize
Location Frogman Lair
(Frogman Lair Camp)
Quest Progression
Previous Next
Frog! None
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The Frogmen seem stronger than they used to be... have you noticed? I began my own investigation into the matter and discovered something outlandish! Frogmen and mist elementals... working together!

The bodies of mist elementals release moisture into the air, increasing the humidity. Frogmen thrive off this humidity, which explains their recent increase in power. I believe the Frogmen made a pact with one of the mist elementals. The Frogmen protect the mist elemental and grant him shelter in their lair, while the mist elemental pumps out moisture into the air and bolsters the Frogmen's strength. We need to take out that mist elemental if we're to stop the Frogmen from truly becoming a force to be reckoned with.


You've killed the mist elemental? Perfect. I can already feel the air slowly returning to normal.

It will take time, though, for the Frogmen's strength to deplete. We can't expect it to happen overnight, not with all that build-up humidity.


  • 4,500 exp
  • 3 Silver
  • Level 7 Weapon (Item Level 12)
Class Stats Skin
Rogue ATK 6


Piercing 4(4)

Destined Blades

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